The Daughter , The Mother and The Breast

She said to her mother; "Mum, please explain to me, why is the female nipple forbidden?

That nipple that gave me comfort when I was distressed,  fed me when I was hungry and gave me nourishment so I could grow? " 

The mother answered

" I am not sure my child. The original purpose of the nipple has been suppressed. There are community guidelines in place to protect the public. If the nipple is on view,  then most likely, you will see a whole breast. A whole breast is considered porn. Pornography is something that the community is protected from online.”

"But mum, when did people forget about the original purpose of breasts? Keeping tiny humans alive, growth and giving life?”

"You see my child, if we remove the purpose of our breast and replace it with lust, desire and the fundamental idea that they are there to pleasure adult humans, like in magic, we have also abolished the potential power and endurance these body-part hold. 
What would unfold of women were just happy with their breasts? If the breast functions were treasured and the power that lays within the bosom was obtainable for all women, imagine that what would unfold?”

Honey x

When The Blackbird Sings

Full moon - July 2017

BBC Scotland, BREXshit & Full Moon in Representation 

Hello lovely people,

Here is some parts of a news letter I sent out earlier this week and I just realised that in the doom and gloom of BREXIT, shadow bans and general struggles I totally forgot to mention that 8 little blackbirds flew down to London to be exhibited by The Royal Photographic Societies Hundred Heroines. Well, they obliviously didn’t fly (train) down but you know what I mean?

Representation on the Line: (Un)framing our Identities A collaborative exhibition from the RPS Hundred Heroines initiative in which female photographers explore the theme of identity.

Isn’t that just amazing? More info further down.

The last two week has been pretty, interesting.

2019 is definitely a year of change and uprooting. The EU elections during the weekend really emphasised this and Theresa May finally left her position (yes, we all were waiting for that!). Saying that I am now hoping that she does not get replaced by that cxxt  Boris Johnson.

Talking about female body parts... finally, something shifted. I think most of you know that I have had several 30 days bans from Facebook and both my Instagram accounts have been shadow banned since I first started. It is not because of vaginas and "female nipples", it is purely due to stretch marks, excessive body fat, realness and aging women.  Representation is fundamental and if you are not represented, you kind of does not exist. We all know that our “visual diet” is slowly starving us, lacking both vitamines and minerals we get left hungry for authentic images.

BBC Scotland listened to my story and the video has been viewed 125 K  on Facebook (isn't it ironic?)  and my shadow ban lifted for a week. My @whenTheBlackbirdSings_ account is still hidden, I don’t even come up in the search, my “good fight” will continue.

The last full moon was all about burning down the house (symbolically) and I think it has begun are you ready for the new moon in June?

Please find me on IG for more photography and have a really nice week. 

Jannica Honey 

Representation on the Line: (Un)framing our Identities

Please visit RPS Hundred Heroines  web page for more info on the exhibition

19 Mallord St, London SW3 6AP. 

Opening times (22nd May – 26th June)

Wednesday:  14.00 – 19.00
Friday: 12.00 – 18.00
Saturday: 11.00 – 18.00


Below is my Instagram feed, in fact , it is my Jannica Honey account rather than When The Blackbird Sings, I can’t even find it. TBC, I promse.