GIRL GAZE - intimacy and the rotten flesh (when connection was absorbed by pain)

We looked at each other in excitement, what about if we (together, always together) create a series of images, Hypersexualisation? We will give birth to an ultra, uber-super babe. She will be completely made up of attributes and poses that belong to porn. Her mouth always half-open, ready to receive and her body bent into a forever tantalising form.

What happens when we are the holder of the male gaze? When it is within us women and we don't react/act anymore? In fact, when we are not even aware of it? When we create images within this power structure that does not only allow abuse, but also kill women.

Liz and I thought, let us try something new, let's see if we can expand the view of women on social media. Let's see if we can give her three, possible four dimensions. What develops on social-media if you create the ultimate harlot/babe-station/the girl (she will certainly never be a woman) that we all recognise?

THE GIRL, whose existence is to pleasure only. SHE, who can take it all. The visual image of THE forever wet, forever available and forever emptied of dreams, pains, hopes, and humanity.

Liz and I wondered, what would unveil if we added ONE tiny detail? An element that will change it all. A detail that does not only echoing ancient moons and mankind but also reminds us of Inanna-Ishtar and her dark sister Ereshkigal. The blood that does not only have the potential to create life, but it is also a dark subject matter of the rotten flesh and potential death.

What unfolds when “girls” create -AS WE KNOW IT- “porn” and add the most feminine detail ever, menstruation blood? Does the realness “turn off” the dreamer or is it the actual dream that we all have been woken up from?

2019 , the year we all yearned for authenticity and intimacy.

Happy full moon witches.

Honey xx