Darkest day, new beginnings & Togetherness in 2019

We have just passed midwinter and the light is now coming back, what does that mean to you?

For me yule is all about family, all about the children and perhaps becoming aware of your inner-child. We are the magic makers now. Well, nature is providing as usual, but we are the ones putting up the bright stars in the widows of Stockholm homes.

What is that leading star? Togetherness? A future, where you can be you a bit more? A world where we for ones realise we are all connected? A world where adults feel just a wee bit better, so they can make space for the next generation of adults, our children…

Tryggare kan ingen vara
än Guds lilla barnaskara,
stjärnan ej på himlafästet,
fågeln ej i kända nästet.

I didn’t want to start off with “going on ” about Instagram and Facebook, but most of you know that I had every second updated deleted by the oppressive social media platform.

This is my family, we are not up for censorship, we are real people full of blood, life and stories. We lived lives in our bodies, children were delivered.

I welcome you to Stockholm suburbia December 2018: here is my cousin and her family ,(Michaela and Johannes) . My father is right in there, in the twilight, with the blackbird. Jannice’s daughter Ella who was also removed from Instagram. My syssling Jeanette: embracing the first new moon of 2019. This is my platform and you all are welcome.

Love (always)

Jannica Honey