Facebook ban, Swedish Elections & A Magic New Moon in Edinburgh.

Most of you are aware of that the Swedish elections just happened and the result was pretty detrimental for women and men. I try to cheer myself up with that over 80% of the Swedes still believe in humanity.

I did a blog about this last night and the link on Facebook resulted in another 30 days ban, nipple drama as usual. Why does Facebook hate the female body so much?

I did a new moon When The Blackbird Sings shoot last night. I tend to do this when I feel disempowered , scared and angry. 

Creation as a expression.

Creation as something nurturing.

The new moon was welcomed with someone special (Roselle Seraphina) - always at twilight. 
Two humans, meeting at the exact same spot.
When The Blackbird Sings means  kvinnor tillsammans. 

#fuckSD #femaleempowerment #redwine #swedishElection always radical never extreme.