GIRL GAZE - intimacy and the rotten flesh (when connection was absorbed by pain)

We looked at each other in excitement, what about if we (together, always together) create a series of images, Hypersexualisation? We will give birth to an ultra, uber-super babe. She will be completely made up of attributes and poses that belong to porn. Her mouth always half-open, ready to receive and her body bent into a forever tantalising form.

What happens when we are the holder of the male gaze? When it is within us women and we don't react/act anymore? In fact, when we are not even aware of it? When we create images within this power structure that does not only allow abuse, but also kill women.

Liz and I thought, let us try something new, let's see if we can expand the view of women on social media. Let's see if we can give her three, possible four dimensions. What develops on social-media if you create the ultimate harlot/babe-station/the girl (she will certainly never be a woman) that we all recognise?

THE GIRL, whose existence is to pleasure only. SHE, who can take it all. The visual image of THE forever wet, forever available and forever emptied of dreams, pains, hopes, and humanity.

Liz and I wondered, what would unveil if we added ONE tiny detail? An element that will change it all. A detail that does not only echoing ancient moons and mankind but also reminds us of Inanna-Ishtar and her dark sister Ereshkigal. The blood that does not only have the potential to create life, but it is also a dark subject matter of the rotten flesh and potential death.

What unfolds when “girls” create -AS WE KNOW IT- “porn” and add the most feminine detail ever, menstruation blood? Does the realness “turn off” the dreamer or is it the actual dream that we all have been woken up from?

2019 , the year we all yearned for authenticity and intimacy.

Happy full moon witches.

Honey xx

The Daughter , The Mother and The Breast

She said to her mother; "Mum, please explain to me, why is the female nipple forbidden?

That nipple that gave me comfort when I was distressed,  fed me when I was hungry and gave me nourishment so I could grow? " 

The mother answered

" I am not sure my child. The original purpose of the nipple has been suppressed. There are community guidelines in place to protect the public. If the nipple is on view,  then most likely, you will see a whole breast. A whole breast is considered porn. Pornography is something that the community is protected from online.”

"But mum, when did people forget about the original purpose of breasts? Keeping tiny humans alive, growth and giving life?”

"You see my child, if we remove the purpose of our breast and replace it with lust, desire and the fundamental idea that they are there to pleasure adult humans, like in magic, we have also abolished the potential power and endurance these body-part hold. 
What would unfold of women were just happy with their breasts? If the breast functions were treasured and the power that lays within the bosom was obtainable for all women, imagine that what would unfold?”

Honey x

When The Blackbird Sings

Full moon - July 2017

BBC Scotland, BREXshit & Full Moon in Representation 

Hello lovely people,

Here is some parts of a news letter I sent out earlier this week and I just realised that in the doom and gloom of BREXIT, shadow bans and general struggles I totally forgot to mention that 8 little blackbirds flew down to London to be exhibited by The Royal Photographic Societies Hundred Heroines. Well, they obliviously didn’t fly (train) down but you know what I mean?

Representation on the Line: (Un)framing our Identities A collaborative exhibition from the RPS Hundred Heroines initiative in which female photographers explore the theme of identity.

Isn’t that just amazing? More info further down.

The last two week has been pretty, interesting.

2019 is definitely a year of change and uprooting. The EU elections during the weekend really emphasised this and Theresa May finally left her position (yes, we all were waiting for that!). Saying that I am now hoping that she does not get replaced by that cxxt  Boris Johnson.

Talking about female body parts... finally, something shifted. I think most of you know that I have had several 30 days bans from Facebook and both my Instagram accounts have been shadow banned since I first started. It is not because of vaginas and "female nipples", it is purely due to stretch marks, excessive body fat, realness and aging women.  Representation is fundamental and if you are not represented, you kind of does not exist. We all know that our “visual diet” is slowly starving us, lacking both vitamines and minerals we get left hungry for authentic images.

BBC Scotland listened to my story and the video has been viewed 125 K  on Facebook (isn't it ironic?)  and my shadow ban lifted for a week. My @whenTheBlackbirdSings_ account is still hidden, I don’t even come up in the search, my “good fight” will continue.

The last full moon was all about burning down the house (symbolically) and I think it has begun are you ready for the new moon in June?

Please find me on IG for more photography and have a really nice week. 

Jannica Honey 

Representation on the Line: (Un)framing our Identities

Please visit RPS Hundred Heroines  web page for more info on the exhibition

19 Mallord St, London SW3 6AP. 

Opening times (22nd May – 26th June)

Wednesday:  14.00 – 19.00
Friday: 12.00 – 18.00
Saturday: 11.00 – 18.00


Below is my Instagram feed, in fact , it is my Jannica Honey account rather than When The Blackbird Sings, I can’t even find it. TBC, I promse.

Female Bodies, BBC and Our Visual Diet.

Hello everyone, time to check-in again.

Have you noticed it? The light is returning. Soon we will be reaching the summer solstice (or estival solstice), also known as midsummer which occurs when one of the Earth's poles has its maximum tilt toward the Sun.

Perhaps not soon, but we will be there, in a couple of months time.

What are you shining your light on?

You are (I am guessing) aware of where my beam is aiming. As I always say, I would be pretty happy just wandering the woods, creating beautiful photographs in the twilight, perhaps in a studio full of musicians/politicians/creatives, but there is something that is forever pulling at me.

What happened with the authentic body?

Who is represented and who is completely “gone”.

If this is our visual diet, are we not lacking both vitamins and minerals? Is there a supplement we can take?

When nature, life, and nutrition are completely sucked out of us. What will then be left? Pixels and empty spaces?

It's not really about the female nipple.

It's about authentic bodies, all our bodies. Old bodies, fat bodies, wrinkly bodies, tired bodies, bleeding bodies and stretched bodies. Bodies who are there for the reason we were given one; to live in.

Bodies free from commercial hysteria or male gaze.. just natural, stinking and hairy bodies.

My When The Blackbird Sings account on Instagram is completely penalised and has a shadownban, this means that ## are not working and it does not even appear in the search engine.

I am lucky BBC had the time for me and popped around here last week for a chat. Update soon…

And until next time… Please pay attention to where light shine, who is represented and what is not?

At the end of the day, it is only you who can make this place a better space, for all of us.

For the International Women’s Day at The Arienas Collective here in Edinburgh I spoke to That’s Scotland TV about some of these issues (video below)

Love (always

Jannica Honey xx

Darkest day, new beginnings & Togetherness in 2019

We have just passed midwinter and the light is now coming back, what does that mean to you?

For me yule is all about family, all about the children and perhaps becoming aware of your inner-child. We are the magic makers now. Well, nature is providing as usual, but we are the ones putting up the bright stars in the widows of Stockholm homes.

What is that leading star? Togetherness? A future, where you can be you a bit more? A world where we for ones realise we are all connected? A world where adults feel just a wee bit better, so they can make space for the next generation of adults, our children…

Tryggare kan ingen vara
än Guds lilla barnaskara,
stjärnan ej på himlafästet,
fågeln ej i kända nästet.

I didn’t want to start off with “going on ” about Instagram and Facebook, but most of you know that I had every second updated deleted by the oppressive social media platform.

This is my family, we are not up for censorship, we are real people full of blood, life and stories. We lived lives in our bodies, children were delivered.

I welcome you to Stockholm suburbia December 2018: here is my cousin and her family ,(Michaela and Johannes) . My father is right in there, in the twilight, with the blackbird. Jannice’s daughter Ella who was also removed from Instagram. My syssling Jeanette: embracing the first new moon of 2019. This is my platform and you all are welcome.

Love (always)

Jannica Honey

Me in the morning & being creative #CMHONESTY WITH CREATIVE MORNINGS

Must of you have probably seen my Instagram stories by now: always wearing that leopard robe, even until the afternoon. I actually like mornings, but I have never been a ‘get up early and get dressed straight away’ morning person. I kind of take my time, if I can…Saying that, I was invited to talk about photography and honesty in the end of October here in Edinburgh and Creative Mornings are not called creative mornings for no reason… When I was heading up the road before even sunrise I felt some pretty hardcore butterflies kicking around in my ‘no breakfast only coffee’ stomach, but as soon as I met the team I knew it would be a lovely journey through photographs, naked bodies and chats about menstruation…. Please head over to their website for the full story & an interview with me here

“We were having full, honest conversations… experiences of abuse, miscarriage, IVF, menstruation, menopause… we shared it all.”

“You need to be honest, but hold a space for yourself - which ultimately facilitates your ability to hold a space for others to be safe in vulnerability. Throughout ‘When the Blackbird Sings’, I had to do a lot of self-caring work in my own time. Including in the run-up to the exhibition. For others, as well as for me.”

Thank you so much Creative Mornings Edinburgh, that was so much fun.

Photography by Ellie Morag

Starka kvinnor, gym, ljus och samarbeten.

Vad betyder egentligen ordet stark? 

Det finns en hel del olika synonymer: muskulös, Inflytelserik, genomträngande, mäktig och djup. 
Styrka är någonting som både Jannice Kovács och jag arbetar med. Jag sysslar med att skapa starka och stämningsfulla bilder och hon att bygga upp sina kunder. Med andra ord, vi har båda som mål att stärka vår omgivning.
Jag tror att Jannice känner som jag: att vi är vår omvärld och att omgivningen är en del av oss.❤️
Om min kund är nöjd så är jag det också. 

Detta är denna gemensamma utgångspunkt som har varit grogrunden för mitt och Jannice’s kreativa samarbete. Min fotografi handlar jämnt om mina kunder’s behov och kunden’s behov blir mina.
Den kreativa processen ska vara kul och det är fundamentalt att hitta den platsen för att skapa inte bara bra bilder men också för att bygga upp sin kropp och själ. Hör gärna av dig om du har några frågor. OCH checka in PT Morsan, she rules

Jag skulle kunna skriva precis samma text igen, men byta ut Jannice till Anna Lennartsdotter Lindbom. Yep precis så, same same, but different. En annan kvinna som jag arbetat med i flera år. Hoppa gärna in i Anna’s trygga famn här

Jag och Anna har inte bara skapat bilder till LindEducation vi har också pratat mycket om hennes visuella planering av företaget, resultat har vi ofta nått med lek och mycket skratt. Alltså glöm inte bort, det ska ju vara roligt att arbeta.

If someone is dying to find out what it says please just drop me a wee message and I shall translate the love letter for you all.

Photography Work & A Hunter Full Moon in the Sky

I thought, since we had a beautiful hunter last night, I wanted to announce some magic.

Last couple of months has been very hectic. I have not only covered most of the United Kingdom on a journey photographing venues and their owners for lovely Bev and Mark at The Music Venue Trust. I have also had the absolute honour to create imagery for two women (mina fina häxor) that is working aligned with the moon and all her phases/cycles. I mean, like that is magic? It is actually just nature, isn’t it?

I will write more about this at a later point, but for now I will be shining light on (like the full moon) the work, please follow the links, they can take you to a completely new place.

Please check out their beautiful work over here:

Kristina Turner’s Urban Goddess

Rebecca Tiger’s Snipp Sauna

Love (always)

Honey x

Please Let The Bunny Grow Up.

Imagine this: The Playboy Mansion, 1960, a place where superheroes, sex, free expression and revolution are rampant. Hugh Hefner's pneumatic Playboy bunnies, complete with pom-pom bobtails, floppy ears and bleach-blonde hair, are trailblazing a poignant feminist fantasy, where men and women start to meet as social and sexual equals. Fast-forward 50 years, and the Playboy legacy lives on! Our peculiar fascination with female promiscuity versus female empowerment has never gone away. We are surrounded still by supercharged sex, and soft porn pin-ups. Anything goes, from Page Three glamour girls to burlesque beauties and, of course, the formidable Jordan.

The social commentary surrounding gender politics has changed however. Girls grow up fast and clues to their sexual style come from the role models that society shows them. Perhaps, the sex siren of the 60s had something to prove, but the question remains: Is she now pedalling porn for male pleasure? Has she grown tired of him getting all his own way? And how does that make her feel? My niece, Emma, makes the ideal modern bunny! At just 11, she lives in a world where almost every taboo is broken. Breasts are not a big deal. Sex is just for starters. She is exploring sensuality and womanhood and she is on the brink. But how does all this make her feel? And surely there really must be a better role model than a bunny?


When The Blackbird Sings (press-release)

When the Blackbird Sings (2016-2017) focuses on the female body and its links with nature.

The compelling works depict naked women of all ages as well as poetic shots of flowers in water. The subjects are family, friends and acquaintances of the artist, always posing outdoors and at twilight. Honey shot the fascinating images over the course of a whole year, exclusively on every full and new moon, starting at the October 2016 Supermoon. When the Blackbird Sings is named after the bird which signals twilight with a song; while shooting the series Honey was stricken by the song’s memento mori-undertones.

The resulting photographs unveil lyrical still lifes alongside delicate moments of tenderness and unashamed femininity, and celebrate the beauty of the female form at any age. While some of the sitters are smiling directly at the camera, others are looking away from it, almost blending into the surrounding setting of moss and trees. The colourful flowers, including daisies and passion flowers, are captured resting on the surface of Edinburgh’s Water of Leith. Honey shot across Scotland and Sweden to illustrate her attachment to both her adoptive and home countries.

Shooting at twilight allowed Honey to challenge the limitations of her chosen medium, in part for the time constraint (twilight only lasts 15-20 minutes), but also for the particular blue hue the light takes on during that time. While most photographers consider it unflattering for theirs subject matter and shy away from it, Honey explores its potential to offer a glimpse of an ephemeral moment in the 24 hour-cycle. When the Blackbird Sings also delves into the significance and symbolism of dusk and explores the ethereal quality of twilight; an in-between moment which doesn’t belong to either day or night, and which Honey sees as an emotional, reflective pause in her day.

When the Blackbird Sings started when Honey felt compelled to reaffirm her own ‘feminine voice’ in the face of personal challenges and male-dominated political events - in particular the recent death of her grandmother and the US elections. By basing her shooting schedule on moon cycles - an intrinsic feminine rhythm - Honey channeled the earth’s natural rhythms into her work, and explored her own reconnection to womanhood and femininity.

Honey’s work is often concerned with the female body and the place of women in society. In 2011 she spent two months photographing Edinburgh strippers, providing a candid and sensitive insight into a world rarely captured. Honey is a successful commercial photographer whose previous work focuses on fashion, journalism and music photography. Her award-winning images has been published in The Guardian, Los Angeles Times, Vogue, Dazed & Confused, Aesthetica Magazine. In 2013 she spent time in the native Mohawk reservation in Canada, working on a photography project related to identity and belonging.

Jannica Honey was born in Stockholm, Sweden in 1974. She moved to Edinburgh to study photography and digital imaging at Telford College, after completing a BA in Humanities (anthropology and criminology) at Stockholm University in 1998. She won the prestigious Fuji Award for her fashion photography in 2003. She lives and works in Edinburgh.